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Talor Trenchard

Talor Trenchard is a licensed psychological associate specializing in psychological testing, diagnostic evaluations, and therapy. Talor has been licensed to practice psychology in Texas since 2012. Areas of passion and specialization include: autism, ADHD, children, marriage and family, intellectual giftedness, anxiety, stress reduction, and mindfulness. Talor’s theoretical orientation is integrative in that techniques and components from various psychological theories are used to provide clients with an individualized treatment plan. She believes in creating a therapeutic environment that is warm, caring, and nonjudgmental, while attempting to understand each client from a holistic and positive perspective. Her approach to therapy is holistic in the sense that she believes that all psychological difficulties may have physical, spiritual, and psychological roots, and therefore should be assessed and treated accordingly.


We offer comprehensive psychological evaluations in which we assess a client's intellectual abilities, learning/academic skills, social skills, attention/concentration, language development, executive functioning, memory, emotional functioning/personality, and behavior as needed to make appropriate mental health diagnoses and treatment recommendations. See our services page for more information on types of  evaluations.


We offer a range of therapy services for children, adults, couples, and families. Please see our services page for more information.


We are happy to serve as an advocate for children with specific learning needs. We offer consultations services through which we can attend ARD meetings, review IEPs and goals, make accommodation recommendations, and more. Please see our services page for more information. 



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